General Purpose Filters
General Purpose Filters

Filter for interference supression with IEC connector, fuses and switch for elctromedical applications. - From 1A to 6A - Compacted metalic box with   IEC connector (LINE), and 6.3   Faston connection +
PLC network filter 40A
PLC network filter 40A

DESCRIPTION:   Filters specially designed for the interferences elimination at CENELEC EN 50065 frequency band, used by PLC systems (Prime, G3,... +
UL Approval

We are pleased to communicate that the three phase filters series MLC 3 and VPE 3 /B , and three phase + neutral MLC 4, manufactured by EMIKON, already have the corresponding UL homologation.

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Series VPE 3/B
Series MLC 3
Series MLC 4

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New CBF filter
Protective filter for network communications.
Nowadays there is a large amount of data that flows through the power line, the frequency used for the transmission of these data are regulated by different international standards, the frequencies of low bandwidth which we will try in this project, are among the 3 kHz. and 148, 5 kHz. corresponding to the legislation of the CENELEC EN 50065 Standard.

The problem to be solved, from a general point of view, is the possible intrusion by coincidence of fundamental frequencies, in many cases generated by accident, and can be occasionally generated expressly.

The CBF filters manufactured by EMIKON, counteract the possibility of the above-mentioned intrusion, that as we can see, must give a bidirectional solution, protecting the passive object (domestic, industrial, professional, etc.), as well as the active (the remote measurement module, remote control, automation control system, etc).

At the same time, must be solved the "in situ" measurement of these frequencies, both in its power and its frequency, to insert at the appropriate point, the discriminatory and canceling device of these disturbing and generating the above-mentioned intrusion signals.

For more information: CBF Series
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