Home Automation Single Phase Filter

DOM 1063 serie

EMIKON following its innovation and commitment to continuous improvement policy. Has developed a product to allow the proper functioning of what will be in the not too distant future, one of the most important advances in the quality of life of many citizens. We have all heard of home automation, but very few are lucky to enjoy this great technological advance.


What is home automation?

It is simply the intelligent management of the appliances we live with every day. It is based on the scheduled, or remote, real-time management of all our appliances. Home automation technology is based on the distribution of data through the home’s own electricity network.

This is due to the technology used by home automation, for which the input filter becomes important. Due to data emission, at a certain frequency, through any home’s own network, it is necessary to install a Network Filter at the entrance of the house to prevent our programming signals from interfering with our neighbours signals and of course also to prevent our neighbours' programming from interfering with ours.

EMIKON is committed to developing an innovative product capable of filtering the different emissions travelling on the network that may interfere with the control data on our line or prevent our data from influencing another line. 

The aim of this commitment is to be able to offer manufacturers an innovative and effective product to meet their most demanding needs.

Home Automation Single Phase Filter

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