TEMPEST filter

TEM 1 serie
Filter for TEMPEST Applications

The TEMPEST filter of the EMIKON TEM series is specially designed for use in various data processing applications, medical equipment, telecommunications, information protection, and electrical and electronic equipment in general.

Main Characteristics:
- High attenuation in a wide frequency range up to 3GHz, required by TEMPEST protections.
- Additional protection against overloads.
- Great attenuation thanks to the shielded multi-stage circuit design and hermetically sealed in its case. 
- Different intensities, from 3 to 25 amps, to adapt the filters to different applications required in different sectors.
- IEC connector available even for small voltages, on customer request.
- Custom special versions on request.

Technical characteristics:
- Single phase power supply 250VAC, 50/60Hz
- Operating frequency DC to 400Hz (versions 6 and 10A) DC to 60Hz (version 20A)
- Voltage rating 3A to 25A @ 40ºC Max.
- Test voltage    P -› E 590VAC for 2 sec. P -› N 590VAC for 2 sec.
- MTBF reliability 450,000 Hours @ 40ºC/230V (MIL-HB-217F)
- Climate category -25ºC to +85ºC(Operation and storage)
TEMPEST filter